Airlift 2021

The allied airlift brought coal and basic food to West Berlin in 1948/49.
In 2021 I want to secure the basic cultural supply and provide you with moments of inspiration, memories and perspective as well as comfort.

Best to step back and step between the times and to open up a large space:
Between then, yesterday and today. Between 1948/49, 2017 and 2021.

I offer you five posters to choose in Din A2 with pictures from my series “Particles” and quotes from Ruth-Andreas Friedrich's diary.
They have a limited edition of 30 pieces, are numbered and signed.
Find out more in newsletter #23 or click here to contact me.

Support price from € 50 / piece upwards, shipping costs € 6 in Germany, from 3 posters 20% discount.
Base price € 20.21 / piece for everyone who is also in a difficult situation this year.